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"When I started my stress survey of 24 questions, aiming to get 200 responses, I did not realise I had let myself into a huge challenge, analysing 4800 data Totals, cross references, combinations and comparisons. Making sense of my findings seemed an impossible task ……..until……. Simon Merrett came to the rescue.He set up a spread sheet that covered all my wishes and came up with even more. With his patient manner he explained what was possible (almost endless) and came up with some very helpful suggestions.Had I not worked together with him, the quality of my survey would have been a fraction of what I can do now.I highly recommend Simon to anyone who deals with data; obvious when it comes to numbers, but also when it comes to planning and repeated activities."  Mariette


Excel Development

Excel spreadsheet development

An Excel Development may be from scratch, or the refinement of an existing system.

Perhaps you have a manual system (which may, or may not use spreadsheets) which you feel would work much more efficiently if it used Excel.

Do you think: it would be great if Excel could do this, but I don’t know how to do that?

Are you hoping to do something, but think it’s probably impossible?
(I particularly like impossible ones).

If you have an idea for something, but don’t know how to handle it, then please Get in Touch